Ash to ash and dust to web

A while has passed since my last post.

I could say that I have been busy with work, been travelling here and there, had to deal with moving, but none of those would really make it an excuse.

Then what is it ? The blank page syndrom ? Might be, but not an excuse neither.

All in all, I’m back and brought some change with me… won’t be the main access url anymore, the blog has been renamed to Thinkervine(.com), so think about updating your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions. The new identity came with a new look as you can see. I’d be glad to have your feedback on it.

The blog should see a new organization appearing… I haven’t quite decided what it will really look like but I guess the tracks will set it. I am keeping the archives though for history reasons.

All in all, I’m glad to be back, missed you all and hope to see you back around ! :)

  • Najlae

    Mrahba bik back! pourvu que tu restes régulier ;)

  • Fays

    Je vais m’auto-discipliner! Et si je ne fais pas mes devoirs correctement… Je m’auto-envoie au piquet!

    Merci hun! ;)